Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes your PC boards better than any others?

Answer: It is our goal to build the highest quality printed circuit boards available. We hire quality minded people and use top quality components and bare boards in our production process. Our Lifetime Warranty ensures that if we don’t produce quality products, we are the ones who suffer for it.

2. What does the Lifetime Warranty cover?

Answer: Lifetime warranty covers all defects in workmanship and parts. Warranty does not cover vandalism, acts of God, improper installation or usage. Warranty assumes that Mathis Electronics purchases all parts and PCB’s and is given the opportunity to run a full functional test on the boards.

3. Why should I consider Mathis Electronics over the PCB Assembly House I currently work with?

Answer: One thing to consider would be the Quality Control implemented by your current PCB Assembly House and the warranty they give on their products. Mathis Electronics gives a Lifetime Warranty on all the boards we assemble, guaranteeing our commitment to the quality of our products. Another thing would be the level of customer service you receive with your current PCB house. Being a small company, we are capable of responding quickly to emails, inquiries and new orders. We are able to adapt quickly to find solutions in emergency situations, and to make any necessary changes to existing orders. We value each of our customers, and are not only dedicated to providing quality products, but exemplary customer service as well.

4. I can get the same board that you are selling at a lower cost. Therefore isn’t it good business sense to go with the lower cost?

Answer: It depends on what you’re manufacturing. For example, if you’re making an electronic child’s toy to be given away with a kid’s meal at a fast food restaurant, you need to buy the cheapest PC boards you can find. But, if you’re manufacturing serious electronic equipment that is expected to have a reasonable life expectancy, wouldn’t it be worth paying a little extra to get a high quality PC board with a lifetime warranty? This is especially true if you provide any kind of warranty on the products you manufacture.

5. Where can I download credit application?

Answer: Click the format that you want to download PDF format or Word format

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