circuit board pcb design services
circuit board pcb assembly services
elevator and escalator printed circuit boards
elevator incandescent bulb replacement portfolio path light and malibu T5 bulb

Wedge Base Lamps for elevators



Automotive LED Lamps

Delivers same light output

Last forever - Lifetime Warranty

Adams/EPCO Survivor LED PSB Replacement

Replace old incandescent bulbs with LED lamp. 24-120V AC/DC


Dover E-light Replacement

Replaces E-light: 9818420, 110938, 110941, 118412, MES788

OTIS 8200KA Pushbutton PCB

Operates 12-120V AC/DC

Switch between Car and Hall by moving the jumper

Will NOT glow in the 'off' mode 

GloRite LED Lamps

Operates 12-120V AC/DC

Will NOT glow in the 'off' mode 

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