For many years Mathis Electronics has distinguished itself from other printed circuit board design and assembly houses by giving an unparalleled Three Year Warranty on almost all the boards we build.

Recently however, as a result of a shockingly low return rate on our boards for warranty service, Mathis Electronics decided to extend our warranty to an unheard of Lifetime Warranty on all non-ROHS boards!

Our commitment to Quality Control has set us apart from the competition and allowed us to extend this Lifetime Warranty to our customers. Actions speak louder than words! The very act of providing a Lifetime Warranty requires that the highest standards of Quality Control be consistently in practice.


Warranty: Lifetime warranty covers all workmanship and parts.  Warranty does not cover vandalism, acts of God, improper installation or usage. Warranty assumes that Mathis Electronics purchases all parts and PCB's and is given the opportunity to run a full functional test on the boards.

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