Having problems with MAC door operators? 
Upgrade them by installing our superior MES330R replacement board with relays



  • Heavier duty power transistor and large heat sink results in fewer failures

  • Improved circuitry - We have redesigned the load compensation circuit to improve its function

  • Lifetime Warranty - We are so confident of the quality of these boards that we give a lifetime warranty on them

Did you know?

The older versions of MAC 104 board used a large, heavy duty power Mosfet transistor to drive the motor. Some manufacturers have obsoleted this part, and prices have gone up as a result. On newer versions of the 104 board, two smaller, less expensive transistors have been substituted in place of the older, heavier duty transistor. As elevator maintenance companies have sent us these newer boards for repair, our experience has been that the problem is often that these two small transistors burned up.

As a result, we have chosen to continue to use the heavy duty transistor, despite the higher cost,

in order to provide you with a sturdier, longer lasting board.


P-24783-001, p-24783-002

MAC 104 Door Operator

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