America's first perfect LED lamp for elevator fixtures!


Elevator contractors and suppliers have been struggling for years with elevator button LED lamps that just don't quite work right. Either they're too hot and eventually burn up or they glow and/or flicker in the "off" mode.


Check out our new "Glo-Rite" LED lamp for elevator buttons. Everything you could want in a pb lamp:


1. Multi-volt, 12-120V AC/DC
2. Cool, operates at just a few degrees above ambient temperature
3. Absolutely guaranteed not to glow in "off" mode under any circumstances
4. Absolutely guaranteed not to flicker with voltage spikes
5. Lifetime Warranty
6. Switches out last any other switches
7. Inexpensive


Comes in different sizes and shapes to fit lots of types of elevator buttons including Adams Survivor, EPCO, Innovation Industries, ERM, Stencil Cutting (SCS), ThyssenKrupp (DMG), PTL, and we're eager to design them to fit other types of fixtures as well.

We have models that will replace Adams Survivor, DMG, EPCO, ERM,

Innovation Industries, MAD Elevator, PTL, SCS, TKE


(All lamps are available in any color)

Note: We're always adding to our line of Glo-Rite lamps for elevator buttons,

so call if you don't see what you want.


Call for more information​
(800)782-4449   Fax 828-274-5928


Innovation Industries II #5941S1 pushbutton pcb replacement


Innovation Industries II #5941S3 pushbutton pcb replacement without switches


Innovation Industries III #59413188 pushbutton pcb replacement


Adams Survivor / EPCO replacement for any lamp in pushbutton, but

requires removing screws (and wiper contacts if applicable)


SCS Elevator (Stencil Cutting) switch and lamp pcb replacement


Adams Survivor / EPCO old PSB replacement pushbutton pcb

Easy install - just pull out the PSB lamp and slide in ours


DMG (MAD Elevator, TKE, others) switch and lamp pcb in DMG button replacement

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