Problems with Otis pushbutton boards?



 Ever installed an Otis 8200K1 or KA3 pcb on an Otis 7069AF car button, turned the power on, and noticed that heartbreaking smell of something burning on the CPU? (See thread) 


Ever installed an Otis 8200KA2 or KA4 on a hall button only to discover that the light doesn’t work?


What’s the problem?  There’s a jumper (or a zero ohm resistor) that has to be present on hall buttons and absent on car buttons in order for them to function properly.


Eliminate the possibility of making that mistake, plus improve the reliability and quality of your pcb by using our MES915 in place of Otis 8200KA1, KA2, KA3, or KA4.



Replaces: 8200KA1, 8200KA2, 8200KA3, 8200KA4

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8200KA1 otis pushbutton mes915
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1. Instead of having wire jumpers or zero ohm resistors soldered in place (or not, whichever the case may be), the MES915 has a 3-pin header with a jumper that can be easily moved to the “Car” or “Hall” side (see pic), according to your need.


2. The MES915 uses a simple LED, not an incandescent bulb (as on the KA1 and KA2) or an “LED lamp” (combination LED and resistor, as on the KA3 and KA4), which makes it far more reliable.  Our boards come with a lifetime warranty!


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8200KA1 otis pushbutton mes915